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Colombia Visa Information
Colombia Tourist Visa:  A Tourist Visas is granted to United States Citizens visiting  Colombia for 30, 60 and 90 days, although you may have to explain the purpose of your stay if you require a 90 day visa.  As a Tourist you can visit Colombia a maximum of 6 months per year.  In other words you can make 3 trips and stay 60 days each trip during any given year.  All visitors to Colombia receive an entry stamp upon arrival at the airport.  You are entitled to a 30 day visa extension and the whole time of your stay in Colombia with a tourist visa is limited to six months per year. To extend your visa at the Departamento Administrativo de Seguridad (DAS) office in Medellin you must be prepared to present a valid passport including visa/stamp of entry, four photographs, your onward ticket and a copy (if you don't have one, say you have an e-ticket) and two copies of both the ID page and your entry stamp of your passport.  A fee will be assessed at DAS.

Colombia Student Visa: 
This Visa is issued to individuals who wish to study in Colombia as a regular academic student in an elementary, middle, or high school institution; as a student of an institution for higher education in virtue of an exchange student program, or in any other program at a public or private institution recognized by the National Government of Colombia.  

Colombia Investment Visa: 
Resident Investor may be granted to a foreigner who makes a direct foreign investment on his name, in accordance with which is foreseen in the statutes of International Investments and additional regulations existing a the time of the application, and for the amount established by the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Colombia Pension Visa: 
This Visa is granted to a foreigner who receives a monthly pension provided by external sources or by a Government entity or Private Company, in a quantity equivalent to a minimum of ten (10) legal monthly salaries.  U.S Embassy Federal Benefits Specialist.

Colombia Marriage Visa: 
This visa may be issued to a foreign citizen who is legally married to a Colombian citizen, or to the foreign citizen who meets the criteria to be considered a permanent companion (spouse) - i.e.: common law marriage-

Colombia Work Visa:  This Visa is issued to individuals who wish to stay in the country for temporary periods, representing public or private foreign entities of a commercial or industrial nature, with the purpose of providing technical assistance, products or consulting services to Colombian companies. 

Colombia Business Visa:
  The business visa can be issued ONLY to the legal representative, management, or executive staff of a foreign enterprise, of commercial or industrial nature, that has economic ties with Colombia companies or foreign companies legally established in Colombia. 
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